Publication Services :

INSTITUTE for ADVANCED STUDIES is the Publisher and also part of Adithri Research Pvt Ltd Services which Deals with consultant of Publication services and other Indexing Services to Registered Journals with ISSN. is the journal under INSTITUTE for ADVANCED STUDIES Publication house

Journal Consulting

We offer consulting to the phd students to publish thier research papers to publish them in the top journals Across the globe

Cost varies from 10 – 250 USD (800 – 20,000 INR)

Proof Reading

Our expert paper editors edit and proofread your academic work with the highest quality standards. Get professional revision for your research papers, term papers, and other academic documents at affordable editing prices and a 100% language accuracy guarantee

Cost varies from 10 – 25USD Based on articles (800 – 20,000 INR)

Grammar Editing  

Trust a professional human editor to improve your Grammar  writing. we  will make quality and Clarity writings   as well as revisions for word choice, sentence structure, spelling, grammar, typographical errors, and other language errors.

Cost varies from 8 – 15USD Based on articles (640 – 1200 INR)

Paper Editing

we are the  one of the best editing  services for academics from all over the world. Their specialization is reviewing dissertations, scientific manuscripts, articles, and papers.Why wait for months to get feedback on your manuscript? Get a professional peer review in just 7 days! Our experts will thoroughly review your paper to identify areas for improvement and provide technical suggestions on possible pitfalls that speeds up your submission process. Manuscript Formatting and Artwork Editing provides researchers a manuscript fine-tuning service that fixes every flaw in a manuscript which helps your research for effortless journal submission.

Cost varies from 30 – 60USD Based on articles (2400 – 4800 INR)

In-house Team of English experts

150 in-house native checkers Of the 1,000 English proofreaders worldwide, 150 are full-time employees. It is possible to flexibly respond to requests regarding delivery times and charges.

Our quality focus is as uncompromising as research integrity is to a researcher. With conviction in our processes and commitment to our authors,  You will get your money back if you are not satisfied with our quality!

Monthly Subscription 150 USD (12,000 INR)
Year subscription 1000 USD (80,000 INR)